As the lights twinkle brightly upon this green tree, and the oranaments hang like they want to be seen.
I remember the years of laughter and love, and I know that your watching from high up above.
I feel you in the details of every sweet treat, I see you in the eyes of family I meet.
My children still linger and let out a smile, just thinking of you and your laugh for awhile.
The pain that was felt last year is now dull, the mind is more eager to remember what was full.
All memories of shopping for this and for that, wrapping and spending some time to just chat.
There is an emptiness, a void that is felt, I can almost sense you beside me, and I melt.
You will never be physically here in our midst, but your spirit lives on in each hug and each kiss.
The holidays encompass so many good things, but stress and regret can bring on some sting.
So I cling to your traditions, some big and some small, but the one I rely on is to love one and love all.
I miss you this year, Maybe more than the last. I miss your sweet presence, your cooking, your laugh.
But I'll lift up my head, in true mothers fashion, and give to my family with humble compassion.
I wonder like a child at the lights and the smells, I will express all my heartfelt forgivings and get wells.
Because the gift you have given me, far above the rest, is the memories of Christmas and living your best.

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