Hi friends,

I am not really a football fan, its fun to watch every once in awhile, but I don't have a favorite team or anything. I would much rather do many other things besides watch a football game, but this season seems to have brought out the fan in my hubby. So there have been some games playing lately. Intense games including running and yelling and kneeling. Every time a game is on the TV I feel like God is saying something to me.  I know..I know...God and football? Blame it on that Tebow guy....lol. But yes, God will use whatever I am focused on to teach me and give me a visual example of His plan.  I thought I would share the illustration with you, its been a while since I have written, so stick with me on this one. Use it if you want, apply what fits, and come along....

Now in football there are some very important pieces of equipment that you have to be dressed with. You have to wear a helmet, some pads, a cup, cleats, mouthpiece, a uniform....get it? You have to be dressed before you even get on the field. Just as in life, I need to make sure I am dressed in the protective gear before I step foot onto the field.  I know what will happen if I take a fall and my helmet isn't secure, my thinking will get damaged and all out of whack. I know if i don't have a cup protecting my reproductive system, I could stop reproducing. Without my cleats, I will fall flat on my face, I will have no traction or control....I need my gear. 

I have coaches and they are the ones who put the right team players into the postion best suited for them. They know exactly what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to best utilize me so I am a benefit to the team. The team is made up of many different players, some who are stars and stand out with the best plays and the most yardage. But every person on the team is important. The stars would never be able to run if there wasn't someone down the field blocking for them. The quarterback would be sacked every time if the blockers didn't defend him and give him time to throw a pass. Some kick, some run, some defend, some stand on the sidelines just waiting for that one moment they are needed. A team isn't a team without everyone. Never discount your part to play on a team. Just because you are in the background or you aren't utilized to your full potential at this moment, trust your coach(God) . He knows when your ready, He knows how eager you are, He knows your strengths and will use you when it just the right time. Being a star in His eyes, means being obedient. Imagine if all the players just went on the field and did whatever they wanted...what a mess... We have to practice, practice, practice and get ready for that moment we are called on the field. We have to learn to work toward the goal, no team gets a touchdown every play. There is a strategy to life, and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But there is always next season!! Get your gear on and hit the field!!!

Love you all, hope you enjoyed sharing with me!

xoxoxox Kristin