20 things that life has taught me...

  • 1. True, heart felt, gut busting laughter is definitely better than any medicine.
  • 2. Stop and listen to your children, wisdom comes from their innocence.
  • 3. The grass is never greener on the other side, water what you have and it will grow.
  • 4. Memories of the past can haunt you, but allowing that to filter into the present can ruin the future.
  • 5. Take what you have right in front of you and appreciate it before you end up wondering why you don't have it anymore.
  • 6. Live in the moment.
  • 7. Pray whenever the thought crosses your mind, you never know if you are the one with just the word that will break through.
  • 8. Don't live life thinking what you should do, thats following someone elses plan.
  • 9. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.
  • 10. Don't compare yourself to other people, they will never measure up.
  • 11. Allow yourself to love, even if you are not guaranteed love in return.
  • 12. Life is not all about YOU all the time.
  • 13. When you hit the end of your life, your success won't matter at all, what will matter is how deeply you loved those placed in your life.
  • 14. When a person crosses your mind, give them a call or send them a note, it will make their day.
  • 15. Tell people thank you and your welcome.
  • 16. Be a person who keeps their word.
  • 17. Its ok to let go of unhealthy relationships.
  • 18. When joy fills your heart, aknowledge it and linger in that moment.
  • 19. Allow God to love you unconditionally.
  • 20. Last, but not least...Sleep well, Rest easy and enjoy the simple things.


  1. That was great! I am going to have my daughter read it. Beautifully put! Keep posting.

  2. great job! cant wait for more! ps I love #19